Ghostbusters afterlife review!

Who you gunna call??

This movie needs a review, I missed out on this at the cinema and such a shame I did. I have now bought it on blu ray and my god! That was an amazing decision. This movie is a masterpiece! I was never a huge Ghostbusters fan growing up, even though I have always respected the movies and enjoyed watching them, they are fun sunday afternoon movies. Never needed to take seriously but just enjoyable to watch, which sometimes you just need.

This though…! Amazing for huge fans of the series full of nostalgia and at the same time amazing for new fans where the story (even though a sequel) is also easy to follow if you are watching the series for the first time.

The story is brilliant, the acting is phenomenal from all cast members. I dont want to say that certain people stood out more than others because I just think they all stood out as their roles, just perfect casting. Even a couple of roles I didnt even know who was in the movie until I saw the credits. The plot is a great follow up from the original films and still set in such a beautiful and fun universe. It's full of love for the franchise and the humour was fantastic. The biggest thing that stood out for me which you really dont get to see in a lot of movies now days is the practical effects, yes there is CGI in this movie too which is also very impressive but the practical effects is on a whole other level, something that would make a lot of movies so much better and more believable, just amazing work done there. Hearing the music through out was a blast, hearing the Ghostbusters theme at the end credits was amazing and made me feel I wanted to sing along. Seeing and hearing ecto again was awesome! Also a nice addition to the car which makes for a very cool chase scene!

I feel like I wanna say so much about this movie but I really dont want to give anything away. Spoiler free review I'm afraid as I feel if you have not seen this movie you really want to watch it not knowing what happens.

Overall Ghostbusters afterlife is a fun, heartfelt, nostalgic filled, entertaining, powerful, rollercoaster ride of a movie!!!
Just trust me, you need to see this masterpiece of a movie!!

Here is what other HR1 clan members thought of the movie!

"The perfect mix of a sequel and a reboot.
This film was perfect in every single way!
It felt exactly the same as watching 1 or 2 but with an all the new story and cast. The young actors were amazing and easily the best part of the film, the supporting adults worked so well with them too. I left the cinema feeling the most satisfied I'd ever been after watching a film". – HR1 ACEFOX

"I felt like Ghostbusters was a real nod to the franchise roots, with exceptional fan service without excluding new audiences. The young cast brought a bit more life and vibrancy to the franchise while the movie still firmly holding onto the core values of what made the originals so successful. The sound and music for the movie is absolutely fantastic often calling back themes and sounds from the originals in an updated quality and production." – HR1 LOCKDOWN

There we have it guys! what do you think?




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