Match Report: Black Ops Cribbs 03

It was another great day for HR1 Clan, We played really well & were victorious!

The site had a great turn out with about 40 players per team and the weather was pretty good too. It was cold in the morning but dry and warmed up just before lunch and stayed warm for the rest of the afternoon.

The warm up game was a simple old school ‘Team Death Match’ but with each player having 2 lives. At the end of the game the team with the most players still alive won.

We are pretty sure we won or drew this as not all the players were counted. it was believed that at least 2 players were still in the game zone looking for an impact grenade.

The second game was really well thought out & was great fun. Each team took it turns to excort a ‘VIP’ to all the helicopters scattered around the game zone counting to 10 at each. This was also in a certain order and whilst making our way around 2 imaginary minefields.

We excelled at this as our team tactics were on top form and we also work really well with regular players so the other team didn’t stand a chance.

When it came to the other teams go, we fought hard to prevent them from achieving their mission.

After lunch it was a classic site game of ‘Attack & Defend’ on the barracks which we also took in turns.

We thought we had cleared the barracks in 7 minutes but were later informed there had been 4 enemy players still alive somewhere in the barracks.

The enemy team apparently completely cleared the barracks out in 10 minutes so that was a loss but we were unclear on the game being called by our fellow team mates.

The next/last proper game of the day was another well thought out one which also involved a rogue team of all the attending snipers.

Their job was to get as many kills (from either team) whilst we fought to maintain possesion of a fuel can which first had to be filled and then taken to the corresponding teams target.

Our team played extremely well & absolutely nailed this one and in a very short amount of time for a multiple objective game.

The last game was meant to be a warm down but ended up being a complete waste of our time so we won’t talk about it either!

Overall it was a great day all round, we had loads of intense firefights, lots of intense stand offs and won most of the games all while utalising fantastic team tactics. As a unit we played very well, we were all shooting, moving & communicating really well & using as many tactics as we could to win each game.

Every time we go to an event it makes me extremely proud, we have learnt so much as a team over the last couple of years & we have become a really tight unit that works together like a real team of soldiers/brothers.

Well done and thank you to all Clan members, Players and Marshall’s involved in making it another amazing day out that we can all remember & talk about.

Another Well done to New Clan member ‘Predator’ on your first outing with us & your first ever Airsoft event. We would also like to say a big thank you to ‘Mark’ at ‘Firepower Graphic Design’ for our awesome new custom clothing and ‘Conor’ from ‘CNSport’ for supporting us.



Clan Leader & Co-Founder


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