Company review: Kydex Customs.

If you are a part of the Airsoft community then you've probably recently heard of a company called 'Kydex Customs'. They began by offering basic kydex holsters for the most commonly used Pistols. But have now evolved to a point where they are constantly coming up with new ideas to make our tactical lives a lot easier.

The guy behind it all is 'Taig' and he is a very clever young man. He has put a lot of time and money into the company and it has clearly paid off. He is always asking and listening to his customers about what they think, what they want and what they like. He also always posts on his Facebook page about any recent jobs being worked on or leaving the shop.

He also posts about prototype products to see what the reaction is like.

The key to his success however is mostly in the design for the mounting options. This allows for a much quicker turn around as he doesn't have to attach any mounts unless asked to. This leaves the customer with a large choice of possible loadouts depending on what they are looking for.

He now offers the components for the most popular loadout option being used at the moment too. This is a gunslinger style option using a 'Safariland' Mid Ride mount & a leg strap. It is the most comfortable option I've ever used and I highly recommend it to anyone that isn't 100% happy with their current loadout.

Go check them out on Facebook and see what you think.

Or visit their website for the full range of products:






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